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1 Button Laser Shark

That's right! I said LASER SHARK!

A game written for the #onebuttonjam 2016!


  • Short press the button to change your movement direction between up and down
  • Long press the button to charge up and release to FIRE LASERS!

Developer Note

I entered this jam about 24 hours before it was due! I'l probably revisit it after the jam some time. If you like this, then encourage me to add more features to this game. (donations show how much you really want me to work more on it ;)

2016-09-18 - Update (V1.1)

  • Awesome music by @NinichiMusic - visit her website at http://ninichimusic.com/
  • Pause menu - press 'ESC' to pause the game. You can continue or restart the game from here
  • Colourful health and blast power bars

2016-09-23 - Update (V1.2)

  • Added "Grumpy Fish"
    • Fireball Grumpy Fish to turn it into ham (hey, it's a game, and I don't like seafood)
    • Swim into Grumpy Fish and you'll get poisoned!
    • Eat the ham to regain health

2016-10-03 - Update (V1.3)

  • Fix various bugs
  • Add options menu
  • Android version ready
  • Android: Integration with Google Play Games account
  • Android: Integration with Google Play Games leaderboards
  • Android: Integration with Google Play Games achievements


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one-button-laser-shark-v1.3-windows.zip 47 MB
one-button-laser-shark-v1.3-mac-osx.zip 16 MB
one-button-laser-shark-v1.3-linux.tgz 17 MB
one-button-laser-shark-JAMVERSION-windows.zip 44 MB
one-button-laser-shark-JAMVERSION-linux.tgz 14 MB
one-button-laser-shark-JAMVERSON-mac-osx.zip 13 MB

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